Well here we are.  If you liked those pictures I got them here. Well now, I though it was about time I added some text to this site.  All I have been putting up is pictures. Lets begin with where I am exactly.  I live in the City of Unalaska, on the island of Amaknak, located in Unalaska Bay of the island of Unalaska, in the Aleutian Island Chain about 800 miles west of Anchorage.  Is that confusing or what.  Here is a map of the Aleutian chain.

Dutch Harbor, though we have a post office for Dutch Harbor, is not a separate city but a harbor.  The map below shows you more detail.

In the above picture number 4 is where downtown Unalaska is located. On the Island of Amaknak, number 2 is where I live and number 3 is where the Grand Aleutian Hotel is located. Number 1 is bunker hill, where the bunker is located and the shot below was taken.

This picture shows the UniSea complex on Amaknak Island.

So I hope that gives you an understanding of where I live. Now how I got here. I went to visit a friend in Seattle and was looking though the paper and saw an ad for a job with UniSea as a seafood processor. I wasn't happy with my life in Los Angeles and had always wanted to go to Alaska so I applied for the job and here I am. Working as a seafood processor was a very new experience for me. I started out working in Cod, grading Cod roe. Roe is the fish eggs. Cod have very large egg sacs. I found them very pretty, colorful. (Maybe next season I will be able to get some pictures. It is hard to take a camera to work, especially when you are working because it is so wet everywhere.) Next I worked in Crab. We were processing opilio (snow) crab. I worked in all areas, butchering, gilling, packing, and case-up. Toward the end of the season, they found out about my computer skills and brought me in the production office. I worked in the office until I was laid off in late June. I was happy to return home as I had been away for almost 6 months. It was nice to see all my family and friends again. But now I am back. I am happy to be back in the cooler weather.

Well that is about it. You can go to my pictures from here or return to the home page.

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