Today (September 19, 1997) Brian and I took a walk to town to see the salmon spawning in our local river. WHAT A SIGHT! There were hundreds of fish. I took a few pictures with the digital camera but it doesn't begin to show you what we saw. Actually it was really rather sad. All these fish have come to breed then die.

The ones below are dead

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Did you know: Salmon display silvery colors at sea and vivid reds, greens, browns, and even purple in freshwater. These freshwater colors may become even more pronounced in males during mating or fighting rituals.

Humans have given many nicknames to salmon. Chum salmon are often called "dogs" because of the large canine teeth they develop during spawning. They are also called "calicos" because of their bright spawning colors. Spawning pink males develop a large humped back and are called "humpies."

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